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Using slavery to trash the founders Using slavery to trash the founders

Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., referring to his race and the Constitution on  John Stossel’s recent show “The State Against Blacks,” said, “I wasn’t even  considered three-fifths of a guy.” The Rev. Al Sharpton, debating on Sean  Hannity’s show, said, “Any … Continue reading

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UN official looks to US leadership at next year’s sustainable development summit

It’s good to see Americans organizing to stop the anti-American “sustainable development” agenda. ~goldcountrypatriots   The head of next year’s United Nations world summit on sustainable development in Rio de Janeiro today said he looked for leadership from the United States … Continue reading

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Court says Tea Party can hand out U.S. Constitution

A Shasta County Superior Court judge today handed a second constitutional win to local Tea Party leaders, granting a preliminary injunction against Redding Municipal Library. The library had been seeking to restrict the peaceful sharing of ideas and information in … Continue reading

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REMINDER – VERY IMPORTANT MEETING TODAY WED, JUNE 29,  County Office Bldg, Court St, Jackson.  1:00 pm.   BOARD OF SUPERVISORS – PLANNING COMMISSION – PLANNING DEPT. Join members of the Amador Business Council, the Mother Lode Tea Party and … Continue reading

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Victory for Taxpayers in San Diego

The names of San Diego County public employees retiring with six-figure pensions are a matter public record, according to a court ruling today in a case brought by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. Read more…

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People taking Back Gov’t From Unions/Special Interests

If a politico gets elected, and you find out they lied in the election, should they be immediately Recalled?  If someone who ran on an anti-tax platform decides to raise taxes, should they be recalled for fraud?

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Obama Executive Order- Rural Council- look who’s on it..Meeting tonight!

Shouldn’t Executive Orders be used only in the case of a national disaster or emergency? See the latest one here, signed in to law by President Obama on June 9th, 2011- establishing a Rural Council..Sound good? See who’s on it … Continue reading

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