Calaveras County Housing Element Progress Report set for Tuesday, May 17, 2011.

On May 17, 2011, the Board of Supervisors will be hearing a report on the Housing Element draft that they voted for on June 22, 2010:

The Housing Element:

  • Redefines family [3]
  • “The County shall amend Section 17.06.0800 of the Calaveras County Ordinance Code to re‐define ‘family’ as: One or more persons living together in a dwelling unit, with common access to and common use of all facilities.”
  • Promotes redistribution of wealth and increases burden to struggling middle class [4]
  • Decreases housing choices for future generations [5]
  • Interferes with market forces and restricts property rights [6]

[3] Housing Element: Program H3.8
[4] Housing Element: Programs H2.4, H2.6, H2.7, H3.10, H4.2, H4.3, H4.4, H4.5, H6.5.
[5] Housing Element:  Programs H1.3, H2.6, H2.7, H6.4, H7.4.
[6] Housing Element: Programs H1.3, H1.4, H1.7, H2.1, H2.5, H2.6, H2.7, H2.11, H3.10, H4.2, H4.3, H4.4.

Staff accomplished or began work on 41 of the 49 Housing Element implementation programs during the 2010 reporting period, even though the General Plan Update has not been officially accepted. Money is already exchanging hands and the County is moving forward with a series of zoning ordinance amendments to facilitate affordable housing; receiving a CDBG grant award for improvements to the Resource Connection Food Bank and job training through the Mother Lode

Job Training Agency; creating a data base that identifies vacant and underutilized parcels; providing 4 First Time Homebuyer loans; providing technical assistance to Habitat for Humanity

which facilitated creation of 3 deed restricted units affordable to lower income households; and administration of 59 Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8).


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