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“The Plan”—Agenda 21 and the Death Knell of Liberty

The revolution to take back America and restore it to being the future-oriented free republic it was designed to be, must begin at the state and local level.  That is why I consider what the Commissioners of Carroll County, Maryland … Continue reading

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Montana, Arizona and Tennessee Take the Lead on Broad-Based Nullification

As the battle for states’ rights heat up across the country, Montana and Arizona have leaped out into the lead by introducing the first broad-based State Nullification Reaffirmation Act designed to return the power to the people and their states … Continue reading

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The Gravy Train Has Derailed

States are broke and their budgets are imperiled. Years of living beyond their means, of spending like there’s no tomorrow, of borrowing to fund profligacy and of providing obscene benefits to government workers have caught up with State finances. The … Continue reading

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Does AIG care about paying back U.S. taxpayers for its massive bailout?

A beleaguered business deal in Taiwan has some financial analysts wondering whether bailed-out insurance giant American International Group (AIG) even cares about paying back the $20 billion it owes taxpayers. Read more…

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Low-flow toilets cause a stink in SF

San Francisco‘s big push for low-flow toilets has turned into a multimillion-dollar plumbing stink. Read more…

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Dan Walters: Pension fund liabilities should be disclosed

Transparency is a bedrock principle of effective governance and consumer protection; one cannot make rational political, personal or financial decisions unless one has information about their potential consequences. Read more…

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Shutdown: What you need to know

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — If Congress fails to approve a spending bill before midnight on March 4, the federal government will shut down. Read more…

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