Report: EPA’s global warming agenda will cost the economy $2.23 trillion

The Environmental Protection Agency’s climate rules aimed at phasing out coal-fired power in favor of low-carbon fuels will come at a high cost, according to a newly released report.

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California lawmakers enjoyed $550,000 worth of paid travel in 2013

They toured renewable energy projects in Scandinavia, attended panels on public safety in Maui and learned about how dentists are trained in New York City.
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L.A. Times PROVES Climate Change Existed For Centuries

Sometimes the Leftist media makes a mistake—it tells the truth.  In this case the L.A. Times, “The Times’ story (“Severe Drought? California Has Been There Before,” Feb. 23) reconstructed 1,000 years of climate records from tree ring data.  Dendrochronology is the study of tree rings as an indicator of changes in climate; “dendro” means relating to trees.  Thick rings indicate wet climate and tree growth and narrow rings dryness and less growth.”
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EPA Officials Obstructed Fraud Investigation

Former EPA administrator Gina McCarthy / APSeveral Environmental Protection Agency employees obstructed an investigation into the mismanagement that allowed a senior EPA official to bilk taxpayers for nearly $900,000, the EPA Inspector General said in a letter to Sen. David Vitter (R., La.) released Wednesday.
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McClintock: My turn: California water: It’s the storage

For decades we have approved water bonds, tens of billions of dollars’ worth.  Yet, since about 1979 we have not built a major water facility in the State.  We are told the money will go to dams, then we pass the bonds, at that point the environmentalists go to court and nothing can be built.  Where the money then goes is difficult to show.
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Krauthammer on Global Warming: “There Is No Such Thing as Settled Science”

“The whole point of declaring it settled science is … so they can shut me down and shut down others”

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FBI Report Once Again Confirms What We Already Knew About Guns–Save’s Lives

Over the past few years we have had three public safety trends:
  1.  Fewer Cops
  2. Fewer Crimes
  3. Many more guns in private hands.
People understand that when seconds count, the police are minutes away.  The Left gets upset with these trends, they have no way to explain the lack of crime with the increased self-protection.  Imagine if everyone had a gun—the criminals would not have a “safe” victim.
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