Property rights Alert for Calaveras County!

On October 28th there will be a joint meeting with the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission to discuss the General Plan Update. Some of the changes being proposed could have a significant impact on property values. 

Here are just a couple of examples from maps on display in the Planning Department:

Many parcels designated Single Family Residential 5 acre minimum (yellow) on the current Land Use map were changed to “Resource Production” (light green) which only allows 1 Dwelling per 40 acres.

At the same time, population density increases tremendously in some areas, from Single Family Residential 5 acres (yellow) to up to 12 dwelling units per acre (pink).

It appears that some people who thought they were moving to the country may suddenly find themselves in areas slated for high density neighborhoods. And some people who invested in development property for their retirement may lose that investment.

 Paloma-1996  Paloma-GPU

Current Land Use in the Paloma area              Proposed Land Use for the Paloma area

Some argue that land use is not the same thing as zoning, but according to the former Calaveras County Planning Director, Rebecca Willis, after the General Plan is adopted, the County will need to identify areas where the zoning is in conflict with the new General Plan and do a zoning amendment.

Those who value property rights should attend this meeting!

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Property rights alert! 2014 Rural Housing Summit staking their claim on OUR property rights!

At the 2014 Rural Housing Summit Darrell Steinberg and others will be laying out plans for how to further control Rural America . What starts in California eventually spreads everywhere. We need to expose the “Sustainable” movement for the power grab that it is!
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State tax board warns California homeowners that some may see steep property-tax increase

The bad news came Friday in a reminder from the state Board of Equalization: Property taxes may jump more than 2 percent in a year — despite Proposition 13.
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Governor Brown Signs Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

“The three-bill package, composed of AB 1739 (Dickinson), SB 1168 (Pavley) and SB 1319 (Pavley), requires the formation of new local groundwater sustainability agencies responsible for establishing long-term locally-based groundwater management plans and ultimately protecting groundwater quality within their jurisdictions.”
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9 States Have Outlawed Agenda 21 to Protect Property Rights

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | The US Independent

See what Oklahoma, Iowa, Missouri, Main , Tennessee, New Hampshire, Kansas, Alabama have been up to! Read more…

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Town Hall with Congressman Tom McClintock

Copperopolis Town Hall
Copperopolis Armory
August 7th
695 Main Street, Copperopolis, CA

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Report: EPA’s global warming agenda will cost the economy $2.23 trillion

The Environmental Protection Agency’s climate rules aimed at phasing out coal-fired power in favor of low-carbon fuels will come at a high cost, according to a newly released report.

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